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Meet The TEAM!

Beautiful Ladies

Beautiful Ladies














My name is Clark. I play baseball. Me and my Dad like to have boy night and watch Cars 2 and Overhaulin’. Do you want to know what Overhaulin’ is? Well, it is a movie where some guys get together and they pretend that they’re robbers and steal a bad looking car. They make it look real cool and they put flames on it and stuff. I like to draw army stuff and anything. I go to school at home and guess what that’s called —— Homeschooling. I like that we play outside more and I like to read books (that is, Mercy Watson books). I just got glasses. Before I had glasses, everything was kind of blurry. I am a Cub Scout. Cub Scouts is the most farthest in boyhood you can get.

Update 2015: Ho, there! The name’s Clark. Lieutenant Clark. I like Airsoft. I like drawing. I like G.I. Joes. I like theater. I like Legos. I like WWII. Of course, this isn’t as interesting as Chloe’s, but I don’t know about Cole’s.









My name is Chloe. I am 11 years old. I am homeschooled along with my brothers. In my spare time, I read and write. I usually read about history, because history is my favorite subject. Our family began a book challenge in 2013. Everyone set a goal for themselves, and whoever gets to their goal by the end of the year will win. Well, I wanted my goal to be 100, but Dad said I wound’t be able to so I lowered it to 50. So far this year I’ve already read 45 books. I also love to travel! In 20 years, I will be an author, traveling all around the world for book signings. This will mix my two favorite things to do!

Update 2015: Hello there! Thank you for making it to the far-reaching corners of this blog to find out about me! Well, as you read this, I am probably working on my 8th grade reports, most likely listening to a Broadway Soundtrack. Over my 13 years, I have gained a wide variety of hobbies. These include: Reading, Writing, Trying my hand at stage acting, exploring the world, watching and fangirling over Disney movies, adding to my extensive five-part bucket list, learning random facts about history, and quoting Anne of Green Gables too much, if you are asking my brothers. Cheerio, Au Revoir, Kwaheri, and Adios!


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Hi, I’m Cole Marshall Wakham. I am full of energy and I keep my brother and sister busy since I am such a rascal. That’s what my sister calls me.

Update 2015: These are the things I want to say: I like to play Legos, I like to watch things, like Lion King and Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol and I like to play in the woods and go in the trails. I like playing with my brother and I like making the forts at fall. When it is summer or winter, I like to play in the house. I like to send people letters and I also like to play with all of my friends when I go to play at their houses. When I go on a playdate with my brother, I like to play with him and my friends. I like to travel. My favorite place to travel to is Springfield, Illinois, and someday I want to go to Mt Rushmore. When I’m at Mt. Rushmore, I want to get a Jr. Ranger. When I come home from a trip, I just wanna rest. But instead of resting it’s schooling. The End.



This moment is special. Chloe and Clark are meeting Cole for the very first time. Chloe and Clark are very protective of their brother, until he becomes a ‘little rascal’. (Chloe’s words)











At the starting line, ready to begin the inaugural Borodash – November 25, 2010