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Washington, D.C. Trip – Day 3 (Sunday) « The Wish Team

Washington, D.C. Trip – Day 3 (Sunday)

Posted by: Joe on: September 1, 2013


Today’s travels started early since our travel planner had a packed schedule for us to enjoy.


We traveled to the National Museum of the Marine Corps where we enjoyed meeting Frank (see pictures of the Iwo Jima section). Frank talked to Clark about landing on the beach at Iwo Jima and making his way through the waves to the beach. He then took us to a panel display and pointed to himself and described exactly what he was doing in the photograph specifying the exact orders he was given just moments after the photo was taken. We were all mesmerized by his detailed descriptions. And at 88 years old, he still has a pretty amazing memory.


We then moved on to Mount Vernon to begin our study of the Revolutionary War. Mount Vernon is a beautiful place overlooking the Potomac River. We enjoyed the tour of the house, especially considering that the vast majority of the furniture is original to G. Washington, including the bed in his bedroom in which he breathed his last. The coolest part of the tour has to be when we stepped out onto the porch overlooking the Potomac and there was a huge, beautiful Bald Eagle gliding past Mount Vernon. I don’t know that Mount Vernon has an official bird, but it would be hard to beat the Bald Eagle as a fitting candidate.


After Mount Vernon, we traveled up to Glen Echo, MD to the Clara Barton National Historic Site. Chloe’s time studying the Civil War had considerable focus on Ms. Barton’s contributions. I thought we knew all there was to know about Ms. B but we were proven wrong by a very knowledgeable tour guide.


We then made our way into DC and over to the USMC memorial which is adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery.


We are enjoying our trip and we hope you enjoy the pictures.


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We are enjoying your “educational-vacation” as well. Thank you for teaching your children, then climaxing their schooling with this awesome “field-trip” ~ a lasting memory for them!

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Awwww~~these pix brought tears to my eyes.Oh,the sacrificies~~we have absolutely no idea!

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